1、不动笔墨不读书。——徐特立Do not read books。 — Xu Teli

2、不学诗,无以言。——孔子No poetry, no words。 — Kong Zi

3、书是人类进步的阶梯。——高尔基Books are the ladder of human progress。 – Golgi

4、读书使人成为完善的人。——培根Reading makes people perfect。 — Bacon

5、谨慎的勤奋带来好运。——英国Prudent diligence brings luck。 – English

6、能读千赋,自能为之。——杨雄Can read a thousand Fu, can be。 — Yang Xiong

7、学习本无底,前进莫徬徨。——报摘Learning this no end, forward mo。 — news

8、敏而好学,不耻下问。——孔子Bright as is fond of studying。, buchixiawen。 — Kong Zi

9、己所不欲,勿施于人。——孔子Do not want to own, do not impose on others。 — Kong Zi

10、理想的书籍是智慧的钥匙。——托尔斯泰The ideal book is the key to wisdom。 — Tolstoy

11、书犹药也,善读之可以医愚。——刘向Books still, good reading can be a fool。 — Liu Xiang

12、和书籍在一起,永远不会叹气。——罗曼罗兰And books together, never sigh。 — Romain Rolland

13、和书籍生活在一起,永远不会叹气。——罗曼·罗兰And books together, never sigh。 — Roman Roland

14、读万卷书,行万里路。——刘彝Read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles。 — Liu Yi

15、春色满园关不住,一枝红杏出墙来。——叶绍翁The caged, a There was a red plum tree。 to。 — Ye Shaoweng

16、读书应自己思索,自己做主。——鲁迅Reading should be their own thinking, their own family。 — Lu Xun

17、书籍使人们成为宇宙的主人。——巴甫连柯Books make people become masters of the universe。 Pavlovo — even Ke

18、读一本好书,象交了一个益友。——臧克家Read a good book, like making a good friend。 — Zang Kejia

19、我扑在书籍上,像饥饿的人扑在面包上一样。——高尔基I’m on the books, like the hungry man on the bread。 – Golgi

20、人家不必论富贵,惟有读书声最佳。——唐寅People don’t have to be rich, but only reading the best。 — Tang Yin

21、学习是劳动,是充满思想的劳动。——乌申斯基Study is labor, it is full of thinking of labor。 — Ushinski

22、光阴给我们经验,读书给我们知识。——奥斯特洛夫斯基Time give us experience, reading to us knowledge。 — aositeluo

23、由经验而得的智慧,胜于学习而得。——阿富汗 from experience and wisdom, rather than learning。 – Afghanistan

24、只要心还在跳,就要努力学习。——张海迪As long as the heart is still jumping, we must study hard。 — Zhang Haidi

25、书卷多情似故人,晨昏忧乐每相亲。——于谦Books are like our friends, happy or sad every date。 — Yu Qian

26、书犹药也,善读之可医愚。——刘向Books still, good reading of the medicine can be a fool。 — Liu Xiang

27、读书是学习,摘抄是整理,写作是创造。——吴晗Reading is learning, excerpt is finishing, writing is created。 — Wu Han

28、读书志在圣贤,为官心存君国。——朱用纯 reading records in official saints, be a country。 — Zhu Yongchun

29、问渠哪得清如许,为有源头活水来。——朱熹Ask him what so clear, as has the springhead。 — Zhu Xi

30、自家慢诩便便腹,开卷方知未读书。——张月楼Their slow Xu poo abdomen, we know not reading book。 — Zhang Yuelou

31、读书而不回想,犹如食物而不消化。——伯克Reading without thinking, like food without digestion。 — Burke

32、读书必专精不二,方见义理。——薛煊Reading will only see the science specialization, party。 — Xue Xuan

33、读书对于智慧,就像体操对于身体一样。——爱迪生Reading for wisdom, like gymnastics for the body。 — Edison

34、立志是读书人最要紧的一件事。——孙中山Determined to be one of the most important things to read。 — Sun Zhongshan

35、读书之于头脑,好比运动之于身体。——艾迪生Reading is to the mind, like the movement of the body。 — Addison

36、读书破万卷,下笔如有神。——杜甫Having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is god。 — Du Fu

37、读一切好的书,就是和许多高尚的人说话。——歌德Read all the good books, that is, and many noble people to speak。 — Gerd

38、书的真正目的在于诱导头脑自己去思考。——莫利The real purpose of the book is to induce the mind to think。 — Mo Li

39、学而不厌,诲人不倦。——孔丘Never be contented with your study; never be impatient with your teaching — Confucius

40、沉舟侧畔千帆过,病树前头万木春。——刘禹锡A thousand sails pass by the side, diseased trees ahead wanmuchun。 — Liu Yuxi

41、读书何所求?将以通事理。——张维屏What are the requirements for reading? Will be the common sense。 — Zhang Weiping

42、外物之味,久则可厌;读书之味,愈久愈深。——程颢The taste of things, long may be tired; reading taste, more deep。 — Cheng Hao

43、不积跬步,无以至千里;不积小流,无以成江海。——荀况A short step, a thousand miles; not small streams, no seas。 — Xun Kuang

44、书籍是朋友,虽然没有热情,但是非常忠实。——雨果Books are friends, although there is no enthusiasm, but very faithful。 — Hugo

45、书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟。——韩愈There is no royal road to no end for learning, suffering for the boat。 — Han Yu

46、读书之法,在循序渐进,熟读而精思。——朱煮In the reading of the law, step by step, familiar with the fine si。 — Zhu Zhu

47、了解一页书,胜于匆促地阅读一卷书。——麦考利Understand the page of a book, rather than reading a Book hastily。 — Mccauley

48、读书有三到,谓心到,眼到,口到。——朱熹There are three to the book, that is, the heart is to, the eye, mouth to。 — Zhu Xi

49、天才是百分之一的灵感,百分之九十九的血汗。——爱迪生Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration。 — Edison

50、读书给人以乐趣,给人以光彩,给人以才干。——培根 reading to people with fun, to the people, to the people in order to。 — Bacon

51、读书是在别人思想的帮助下,建立起自己的思想。——鲁巴金 reading is in the help of other people’s ideas, set up their own ideas。 — Lu Bajin

52、你应该小心一切假知识,它比无知更危险。——萧伯纳 you should be careful all false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance。 — Bernard Shaw

53、书籍是人类知识的总结。书籍是全世界的营养品。——莎士比亚Books are a summary of human knowledge。 Nutrition books in the world。 — Shakespeare

54、读书补天然之不足,经验又补读书之不足。——培根The nature of reading and fill the shortage of experience and fill the shortage of reading。 — Bacon

55、读书不知味,不如束高阁;蠢鱼尔何如,终日食糟粕。——袁牧Reading does not taste, as it’s a silly fish beam; for example, all the food dregs。 — Yuan Mu

56、勤劳一日,可得一夜安眠;勤劳一生,可得幸福长眠。——达·芬奇A hard-working day, can sleep in the night; industrious life, a happy death。 — Da Finch

57、与其用华丽的外衣装饰自己,不如用知识武装自己。——马克思Instead of decorating yourself with a fancy dress, you use your knowledge to arm yourself。 — Marx

58、读书如吃饭,善吃者长精神,不善吃者长疾瘤。——袁牧Reading such as eating, good to eat the spirit of the long, not good to eat long disease。 — Yuan Mu

59、三更灯火五更鸡,正是男儿读书时。黑发不知勤学早,白首方悔读书时!——颜真卿The night, is the man。 Energy-saving, white square regret reading! — Yan Zhenqing

60、读书患不多,思义患不明;足己患不学,既学患不行。——韩愈Reading a little, thinking of the unknown; enough has not learned, not only to learn from。 — Han Yu

61、读死书是害己,一开口就害人;但不读书也并不见得好。——鲁迅Reading books is death to others, an opening to harm; but not reading is not necessarily good。 — Lu Xun

62、欲速是读书第一大病,功夫中在绵密不间断,不在不速也。——陆珑The first reading is a serious illness, Kung Fu in dense uninterrupted, not in speed。 — Lu Long

63、读书之法无他,惟是笃志虚心,反复详玩,为有功耳。——朱熹There is no law to study, but he is an open mind, repeated in detail to play, for the active ear。 — Zhu Xi

64、我读书总是以少为贵,从不贪多。不怕读得少,只怕记不牢。——徐特立I always read less is expensive, never too much。 Not afraid of reading less, I remember。 — Xu Teli

65、一本好书像一艘船,带领我们从狭隘的地方,驶向无限广阔的生活海洋。——凯勒A good book is like a boat, which leads us from a narrow place to an infinite living sea。 — Keller

66、各种蠢事,在每天阅读好书的影响下,仿佛烤在火上一样,渐渐熔化。——雨果Stupid things, in reading a good book every day, like cooking on the fire, slowly melting。 — Hugo

67、喜爱读书,就等于把生活中寂寞无聊的时光换成巨大享受的时刻。——孟德斯鸠Like reading, it is equal to the life of the lonely boring time to enjoy a great moment。 — Montesquieu

68、春蚕到死丝方尽,蜡炬成灰泪始干。——李商隐A spring silkworm may not stop spinning silk until death, a candle’s tears dry only when it’s burned down to ashes。 — Li Shangyin

69、读书破万卷,胸中无适主,便如暴富儿,颇为用钱苦。——郑板桥Having read more than ten thousand books, chest without proper owners, as the rich, rather is bitter。 — Zheng Banqiao

70、书籍把我们引入最美好的社会,使我们认识各个时代的伟大智者。——史美尔斯Books introduce us into the best society, which makes us realize the great wisdom of all ages。 — Shimeiersi

71、我读书越多,书籍就使我和世界越接近,生活对我也变得越加光明和有意义。——高尔基I read more books, and makes me closer to my world, life becomes more bright and meaningful。 – Golgi

72、读书譬如饮食,从容咀嚼,其味必长;大嚼大咀,终不知味也。——朱熹Reading such as diet, calmly chewing, the taste will be long; on the big mouth, not like the end。 — Zhu Xi

73、读书人不一定有知识,真正的常识是懂得知识,会思想,能工作。——徐特立Reading people do not have knowledge, real knowledge is to know the knowledge, thinking, can work。 — Xu Teli

74、读书是最好的学习,追随伟大人物的思想,是富有趣味的事情啊。——普希金Reading is the best study, followed by the idea of the great people, is full of interesting things ah。 — Pushkin

75、教育!科学!学会读书,便是点燃火炬;每个字的每个音节都发射火星。——雨果Education! Science! To study, to study, is to light the torch; each syllable of each word is transmitted to Mars。 — Hugo

76、读书可以培养一个完人,谈话可以训练一个敏捷的人,而写作则可造就一个准确的人。——培根Reading can cultivate a perfect conversation, can train a ready man, and writing an exact man can create。 — Bacon

77、读书时,我愿在每一个美好思想的面前停留,就像在每一条真理面前停留一样。——爱默生When I study, I wish to stay in front of every good idea, just like in front of every truth to stay。 — Emerson

78、读书是最好的学习。追随伟大人物的思想,是最富有趣味的一门科学。——普希金Reading is the best study。 The idea of following a great man is one of the most interesting and interesting science。 — Pushkin

79、要学会读书,必须首先读的非常慢,直到最后值得你精读的一本书,还是应该很慢地读。——法奇To learn to read, you must first read very slowly, until finally you worth reading a book, or should read very slowly。 — facci

80、书籍—通过心灵观察世界的窗口。住宅里没有书,犹如房间里没有窗户。——威尔逊Books – through the heart of the world’s observation window。 There is no book in the house as if there were no windows in the room。 — Wilson

81、学习知识要善于思考、思考、再思考,我就是靠这个学习方法成为科学家的。——爱因斯坦Learning knowledge should be good at thinking, thinking, thinking, I just rely on this method to become a scientist。 — Einstein

82、学习这件事不在乎有没有人教你,最重要的是在于你自己有没有觉悟和恒心。——法布尔Learn this matter do not care if you have no one to teach you, the most important thing is that you have no consciousness and perseverance。 — Farber

83、一般青年的任务,尤其是共产主义青年团及其他一切组织的任务,可以用一句话来表示,就是要学习。——列宁The task of ordinary youth, in particular the Communist Youth League and other tasks, can be used in a sentence to express, is to learn。 — Lenin

84、一个爱读书的人,他毕定不致于缺少一个忠实的朋友,一个良好的老师,一个可爱的伴侣,一个温情的安慰者。——-巴罗A love of reading, he is not due to the lack of a faithful friend, a good teacher, a lovely partner, a warm comfort。 — – barrow

85、书读得越多而不加思考,你就会觉得你知道得很多;而当你读书思考得越多的时候,你就会越清楚地看到,你知道得还很少。——伏尔泰The more books you read, the more you will feel you know。 And when you read more, the more you know, the more you know you know。 — Voltaire

86、读书有三种方法:一种是读而不懂,另一种是既读也懂,还有一种是读而懂得书上所没有的东西。——克尼雅日宁There are three ways to read: one is to read and not to read, the other is to read and understand, and one is to read and understand what is not in the book。 — Kya

87、任何时候,我也不会满足,越是多读书,就越是深刻地感到不满足,越感到自己知识贫乏。科学是奥妙无穷的。——马克思At any time, I will not meet, the more reading, the more deeply felt not satisfied, the more feel their knowledge is poor。 Science is extre mely subtle。 — Marx

88、看书不能信仰而无思考,要大胆地提出问题,勤于摘录资料,分析资料,找出其中的相互关系,是做学问的一种方法。——顾颉刚Reading beliefs cannot be without thinking, to boldly put forward the question, the diligent excerpts from data, data analysis, find out the mutual relationship, is a method of learning。 — Gu Jiegang

89、读书时要深思多问。只读而不想,就可能人云亦云,沦为书本的奴隶;或者走马看花,所获甚微。——王梓坤When reading to think more about。 Read only and do not want to, it may become a slave to repeat word for word what others say, the book received little or gain a superficial understanding through cursory observation,。 — Wang Zikun

90、读书是我唯一的娱乐。我不把时间浪费于酒店、**或任何一种恶劣的游戏;而我对于事业的勤劳,仍是按照必要,不倦不厌。——富兰克林Reading is my only pleasure。 I don’t waste my time in the hotel, gambling or any kind of bad game; and I for the diligence of the business is still in accordance with the necessary, tireless patience. — Franklin

91、仅在字母、文字和书页中浏览一番——这不是读书。阅览和死记——也不是读书。读书要有感受,要有审美感,对他人的金玉良言,要能融会贯通,并使之付诸实现。——巴金Only in the letters, words, and the text of the book. Reading and memorizing — not reading. You should feel, to have a sense of beauty, for others to mastery, invaluable advice, and make them. — Ba Jin



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